Adult Mixed Martial Arts

You are now one step away from joining the hundreds of adults who, since attending, have enhanced their quality of life through Martial Arts Midlands programs. Experience martial arts classes that are there to make you mentally & physically stronger whilst learning self defence skills to self you defend yourself effectively.

Test drive our martial arts classes with our introductory offer & join our team today! Patience, commitment, willpower, and a positive attitude are all that you need to come prepared to class.

Stressed Out? Kick It Out!

Many doctors are prescribing physical activity along with other measures to help combat the adverse health effects of stress and many people are finding that Martial Arts Midlands does the job better than any other place they have previously tried. Besides the fitness benefits, karate and kickboxing training does lots to relieve the mental pressure faced by adults today. In fact, after one of our classes not only have you “blown off” some stress, you may find that you feel more relaxed and refreshed, ready to meet head-on those things that only an hour ago had seemed insurmountable.

5 Reasons every adult should join Martial Arts Midlands classes in Tamworth!

REASON 1 - You will get into Great Shape!

Each class is a total workout, incorporating both upper and lower body strength conditioning and flexibility, increasing your aerobic and anaerobic capacity and burning unwanted calories.

There's a reason why our students are in great shape - we will help you get there too!

REASON 2 - You will feel more relaxed and in control!

We all experience stress in our life, whether from pressure or home life. You cant eliminate stress but if you dont learn to manage it, you will suffer from the effects.

Training at MAM gives you an outlet for your daily stress and is guaranteed to leave you feeling relaxed and more equipped to take on lifes challenges. The combination of physical training and a positive environment in our classes will be just the boost you need to renew your enthusiasm for life.

REASON 3 - YOU WILL be more confident!

All of us have experienced the fear, anxiety or anger that results from confrontation with intimidating people & the damaging internal voice that consistently knocks your inner most confidence. Martial Arts Midlands will help you replace those feelings with self assurance and confidence. You can take pride in knowing you are able to stand up for yourself in any encounter and are in control of your destiny!

REASON 4 - You will learn to defend yourself!

Our method of training will start with simple, low intensity techniques and responses while steadily progressing towards higher levels of energy and skills. You will learn to develop immediate muscle memory reactions that are highly effective at neutralising an attacker. But of even greater importance will be your ability to recognise that an attack is imminent and take steps to avoid becoming involved.


Martial arts is an exciting activity, the challenge of learning a skill, the social aspect of training with friends and escaping from our day to day routines are all part of why martial arts becomes a life long endeavour for millions of people

Not convinced yet!? Don't take our word for it, check out our reviews page or head to class for a free trial! Get in touch via our easy online form or call today on 07837874178!

Test drive our martial arts classes with our introductory offer & join our team today!